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Heating & Cooling

Mr. C Refrigeration is a full service Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and refrigeration contractor. We work with facilities all over the country to provide solutions that will reduce operating cost, increase equipment reliability and promote efficiency and sustainability.

Ductless VRF Systems

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When is it Time to Replace your HVAC?

  • Age – The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR Program recommends commercial air conditioner replacement when your system is more than 10 years old.
  • Frequent breakdowns / the 50% rule – If you are constantly repairing your AC, or repair costs are adding up to more than half the value of your system, a professional can help you determine if commercial air conditioner replacement makes the best financial sense.
  • Comfort issues – Poorly operating air conditioners result in uneven temperatures throughout your business in addition to humidity problems, which can lead to mold, mildew growth, and air quality issues.
  • Noise – Systems that are ailing and unable to keep up with cooling demands tend to make excessive noise or turn off randomly. If this describes the system at your business, commercial air conditioner replacement may be in order.

The Benefits of a System Upgrade

  • Lower energy/fuel costs. Every single year, heating and cooling technology gets better, more powerful, and more efficient. That means replacing a ten or even five year old commercial HVAC system can net you considerably higher fuel and energy efficiency, resulting in direct long-term savings.
  • Higher system performance. Does your current equipment take hours to actually get results, or are there long spaces between cycles that result in excessive temperature variance? New, expertly designed and installed systems won’t have that problem.
  • Improved employee and client comfort. Both of these factions are the lifeblood of your business, meaning their health and comfort are a top priority. New equipment means comfort is never an issue and health is never compromised.
  • Air quality advantages. Modern heating, cooling, and air handling equipment has made huge advancements in controlling and improving air quality via exhaust systems, more sophisticated filtration, and more. This makes new HVAC upgrades particularly advantageous for businesses that frequently wrestle with air quality issues like dust, dander, chemical odors, and other issues.




Knowing your  HVAC system can have a huge impact to your operational cost, and also your bottom line. Having an assessment of your system will provide the most informed decision.

Assessing how your HVAC system operates, we can engineer a strategy to meet or exceed the needs for your operation in a measured way that makes sense financially.

Your facility plays a significant role in your financial plan. Implementing a preventative maintenance program for you HVAC system will extend the life of your equipment.

The Advantages of a Commercial VRF System

VRF systems deliver consistent comfort and near-silent operation. They are energy-efficient and are capable of delivering heating and cooling functions simultaneously. Zoning improves control and comfort, while state-of-the-art controls make it easy to adjust temperatures depending on changing climate and needs of the business. They can be installed beside, on top of, or within your facility, which gives you significant flexibility to select a location that’s both out of the way and easily accessible for maintenance tasks. Finally, because of the simple design of the system, your business will enjoy reliable operation with less risk of downtime throughout the year.

VRF System Installation in your Facility

Installation of VRF systems requires careful planning for your current and future needs. It is essential to correctly size the unit and prepare the appropriate ventilation network. You will also need to consider the space available and ideal positioning, as well as the type of refrigerant the system will require. Our team will help you calculate these needs and develop an installation plan that is ideal for your business. We will help you choose the ideal VRF system that fits within your budget and delivers your operational requirements.