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Services We Provide

  • Coolers Designed and Constructed for your product flow and mix
  • Refrigeration Systems designed for your product and conditions
  • Coolers to suite various product  storage requirements
  • Coolers with Flexible Temperature Ranges and Zones for Multiple Product Use
  • Complete Design & Construction Services to provide the perfect custom cooler/Freezer  for your application
  • Expert  panel installation for your cold project
  • Rapid Cool Coolers, Pressurized Coolers and Cold Docks
  • Maintenance Programs to keep your equipment up and running.
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Coolers & Freezers

When you require a full size walk-in with greater flexibility, Kolpak KoldFront Walk-ins is the solution. Made from the same quality panels and components that Kolpak is renowned for, you get all of the quality, flexibility, durability and energy efficiency you have come to expect. The Kolpak KoldFront Walk-ins system consists of components that are ready-made and ready to assemble. By manufacturing and warehousing these components ahead of time, we greatly reduce ship and installation time and in most cases reduce cost too, depending on your exact requirements.

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